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NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — Yes, gains in home prices are slowing, according to an S&P/Case-Shiller report. But homeowners are still making a pretty respectable return, thanks to low inflation. Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — Sales of new homes were up 18% in August — a six-year high of 526,000 homes sold, way ahead of the 426,000 expected to sell, says the U.S. Commerce Department. Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — Fewer and fewer homeowners are underwater, as the housing market continues its slow climb toward normalcy. But hidden in the good numbers are some troubling ones: Too many homeowners are "under-equitied." Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — Everyone knows it's tough to buy a home if you're already shouldering a lot of debt. But how much damage is the skyrocketing level of student debt doing to the housing market? Quite a bit, according to a study. And it's likely to be long-term damage, because student debt, which has soared to $1.1 trillion from $241 billion in the past 11 years, isn't going to shrink anytime soon. Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — Mortgage applications were down 9% in August, signaling a downturn in the residential home market, but it's less clear why there's a decline (new home sales are also down — 2.9% from the same period last year).  Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — The national housing market seems to be returning to normal — which means there really is no national housing market. Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — As the old saying goes, they're not making any more real estate. And the supply of waterfront property is especially limited, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that homes on oceans, lakes and rivers are pricy. But are they worth it? Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — If it seems exceptionally loud in the U.S. these days, there's a reason. According to Census Bureau, there were 42 million Americans age 10-19 in the United States in 2012 — representing 14% of the total population. Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — By now most homeowners know that the refinance ship has sailed. Or has it? Read more»
NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) — Just as it looks like the housing market is gaining strength, a new boogeyman may be emerging: the "lock-in effect." Read more»
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